Rye - Do you ever taste your own cum?

Do I? DO I? DOOOOO I?????

Yes. I do.

Also, I tend to enjoy the taste of my pre-cum especially. A drop of salty wonderfulness!


  1. Will admit to being a fan of the pre-cum as well. Haven't yet gotten to the cream yet, not that i wouldn't taste my own just haven't gone there yet.

  2. Pre-cum is such a lovely taste, Violet is all over it as well. As for the full load, I've had it a few times now. It's a little different, but in the moment, hot as fuck. Just so HOT.


  3. Nothing sexier than a guy who kisses you straight after he has shot into your mouth...Yuuuummmm

  4. Women who have men who are not afraid of their own bodies are very lucky indeed.