I Guess That Cunt Gettin' Eaten.

Hi, lovelies. We need to talk about Azealia Banks.

I'm sorry I didn't mention her to you before, but you see, I only just found out about her today, somehow. This is a Harlem-bred, twentysomething, badass bitch rocket set for launch right about now.

Two brief disclaimers: 1) we all know about my inclination toward hip hop. Azealia is no exception to this rule, dropping bombs that give us glimmers of early Lil Kim. Good Lil Kim. DIRTY Lil Kim. 2) If you do not appreciate or cannot tolerate the use of the word 'cunt', stop now, turn back. This is not for you. Come to think of it, if you do not appreciate or cannot tolerate the word 'cunt', you probably don't hang around here too much.

Fasten your seat-belts, please.

I really hope she sticks around and sticks to her guns. Keeps dancing like a maniac, giving us close-ups of her dead sexy mouth and telling us where to lick it and stick it.

She embodies something that makes me really excited that we don't get to see out in the world very often: a girl can be sexy, really like sex, really like talking about sex and seduce the shit out of you while she SMILES. We don't always have to pout. We don't always have to smolder. Sometimes we can tell you to stick your tongue in our pussy with a smile on our face, because - ladies, gentlemen - we know you're going to do it.


  1. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people use the word "literally" too often.

    But I LITERALLY cannot stop listening to this song!

  2. Ha ha ha! Agreed and agreed. I'm re-listening as I reply to your comment! I can't be stopped.

    - Violet.

  3. Vry Nice. She has a great sound without being a "stripper anthem" which is pretty refreshing.

    If you like old school or new hip hop mixes check out boolumaster.com. he used to be here in Chicago on the radio, but now does mostly clubs and downloads. He does some pretty crazy stuff with hip hop....need a mix with "Gilligan's island" or "price is right" them samples. He's got it.

    -----little a---

  4. This is such a random place to get such awesome music recommendations, but I have to return the favour! I'm not sure how you feel about house music, but I'm pretty sure I know how you feel about hot naked french chicks.


  5. Ooh, we'll have to dig into this boolumaster site and see what's up!

    And holy crap, V's gonna freak out on this video. Naked French women, singing in French with some added voyeurism? YEP.