Three Rules to a Happy Marriage.

We posted this on Twitter the other day. It was mostly a clever way to Tweet slutty photos. But the underlying truth to all of these shouldn't be overlooked. For real, these are probably three of the most important elements, to our marriage at least.

I. Trust each other.

 II. Don't be afraid to try new things.

III. Don't forget about your own needs.


  1. No more! My cock can't stand it!
    HaHa just joking! I love you guys!

  2. I was gonna say, I guess we can stop now...


  3. I wish u werent married to himlol but me insted

  4. Don't worry, Anon. Firmly believe there's someone to love and be filthy with for everyone. You'll find them!

    - Violet.

  5. Just call me O and I hope theyre as freaky as u. Im love all the shots too

  6. Well then, O, we hope they ARE just as freaky. And thanks!


  7. Yes! YES! YESSS!!!
    You guys are so right! I'm sharing this with my wife who has just recently snapped out of a 13 year fog... we couldn't agree more, although, if I may, I'd like you to expand it to maybe 5 or 10?! (am I being to selfish?!) Im thinking that if you've got #1 nailed down, then #4 might be to SHARE... but that's just me! I don't want to alter your creativity!! You guys are the best! ;-]
    -The Eager, Ethical Slut

  8. Wowzers! 13 years is a long fog! Good for you both!

    And perhaps someday we'll expand upon this one, maybe go for ten. We've only been married a short time, so I'm sure we'll learn even more as we go.

    As for sharing, I'd say we do that pretty well already, given you're commenting on nude photos of us... ;)


  9. hey ..just found this site and i love it Nice Job on getting everyone horny lol
    my husband and i have been married for 31 years and we are just turning a full circle...we have a empty nest...our baby is 21 and left home yippie!! we are fucking like teenagers again and are ordering toys...your site has given us a lot of great ideas that we can't wait to try out
    still blowing, licking,touching, spanking,probing the ass and fucking our brains out, loving every minute ;)

    1. Man, that is just fucking WONDERFUL to hear. Thanks so much for sharing, and for finding us in the first place! We hope you're enjoying the blog!