What Sunday Looks Like.

What are we up to today?

Violet and I are off to the Farmers' Market. Then brunch. Followed by a lazy afternoon, then an Oscar party which we will ignore the telecast of and make snarky jokes about actors and assorted shitty people in entertainment.

Oh, plus, tack on the coffee and lazing that happened in the morning and perhaps a test run of the new toy we bought yesterday and you've got yourself one successful ass day. Hope yours is equally delightful!

Violet's tit looks UNREAL here. Which, it is.



  1. Oh yes I like Violet``s tits, because they are real naturally !

    Nice greets from Cologne, were it is rainy and cold !

  2. Best view of a woman's pussy!!!

  3. @Frechundherzlich - You know it! They are oh so soft, firm, meaty and couldn't be more fun to play with.

    @Chris - We definitely agree on this point. It's like finding a present under the tree.