Game Play.

Every once in a while, Violet and I enjoy a night in where we break out the Trivial Pursuit. And turn that shit into a sex game.

Here's how it works:

1. Each of you write down 7 (one for each pie slice and one for the winner to pick at the end) sexual suggestions on a piece of paper. They have to things that either of you can do. So if you're a guy not into getting anal beads up his ass, you might want to skip that suggestion. But "perform oral sex for 30 seconds" would be a good one to make. Or "jerk off for one minute, but don't you dare cum." Or, if you are like me, "put a butt plug in your ass for the remainder of the game." You get the idea.

2. Throw them in the hat and mix both people's suggestions together.

3. For this game, in order to make it a less than 10-hour affair, we only reward pie slices. With each pie slice awarded, that person also gets to pull from the hat. So each time they pull, they can get their own suggestion or one of yours.

4. Play until one person wins. This game works best if you're both pretty good. After all, you want to play as many suggestions as possible, don't you? A sweep only gets you 7 to play out, rather than 13 or 14.

5. The winner in this game also gets to pull one additional suggestion when the game is over.

6. If you've got some suggestions left, it's up to you to play them. We usually just end up fucking each other until we're spent.

So, that brings me to this question:

Does anyone else do this? We're looking for suggestions for other sex board games you've come up with. The internet is rife with strip poker and sensual bullshit. Let's get down to the real shit. Give us some tips!


  1. I like this... and we're going to steal it -- both for the two sets of two of us -- as well as a good ice breaker for swingtime.

    Sorry, I have no new games to contribute. We've actually been looking for icebreaker games... just the standard dice and kamasutra-based cards -- perhaps a game of 'Would you Rather' kind of thing might work... "Would you rather kiss and suck his neck or his nipple for 1min? (and then do it). You'd have to use suggestions from the group as well. Basically a very similar game to your Trivial-Pursuit, but with a choice attached to each move.

  2. Nice! Glad it can be put to good use! And for swinger ice breakers, no less. Makes sense to me.

    I like the sound of your game. Adding the choice to the Trivial Pursuit cards would be a nice addition to make it even more exciting. I think we'll do that next time.

    We've been racking our brains for other games that involve actual competition instead of just rolling dice or challenges. So far, no luck.