A Request for Violet.

Darling. When you find yourself home alone one of these nights, would you mind doing me a favor?

I know we discussed my interest in seeing you fist yourself as we laid around, pre- or post-coital one of these weeks. But you may have forgotten. So I'd like to remind you that it's still very much a thing.

As I work non-stop, would you mind practicing for me? I'm thinking something along these lines would be great:

Get yourself off a few times. 
Loosen up. 
Take some deep breaths. 
Get the lube out. 
And fuck that pussy with your hand.

See how far you can get for me. And then text me to let me know how you did. 

I'll be waiting.


  1. Forget the text... take pictures!!!

  2. I agree with Chris :) Pictures! Or maybe even just Violet's take on it! Trust me... we are all curious! And wet from thinking about it, of course.


  3. You are such a little deviant.

    And, of course I will. More to come.

    - Violet.

  4. I gotta say, just as a form of an update, that Violet got a bit sick while I was gone and though she tried, it just wasn't happening. There will be future opportunities. With a camera in my hand.