What a Day!

Wowzers! We went ahead and started a Twitter account last night and today, shit got wild!

First, we take part in #ladypornday hashtag goodness, bringing all sorts of you new readers in. Then we start getting RT love from Babeland.

This has, of course, led to many more reads today than normal. So if you're new, welcome. I hope you'll stick around a while. And thanks to some longtime readers that gave our Twitter a follow today, you know who you are.

But HOLD UP. You see, that's all before Camille Crimson herself not only RT's us, but goes on to write an entire blog post about how much she loves Uncommon Appetites. Shocking! So unbelievably flattering.

Not only does Violet have a total boner for her, but so do I. Shared interests, see? A few of Camille's bj's have inspired Violet to make some new moves, try a new position or two and generally just jerk off to a dude getting his cock sucked, cause she does it so beautifully.

So this means a LOT. I mean, between Babeland and Camille (add Fleshbot to that list), they're changing the face of adult entertainment and modern day sexuality. Simply put, they do shit that's hot because it feels good. And they want to.

Because, get this, sex is fucking fun.

It's hot
and wet
and dirty
and messy
and full of mistakes
and smells
and tastes
and laughter
and moans
and dirty talk
and unexpected delights.

Just the way it should be. And if it's not that way for you, do something about it. We all die, let's just fucking fix it and have some damn fun while we're still here.

That being said, I think I'll go shave my asshole so Violet can put something in it.


  1. I had to add you to Twitter immediately though now no mystery what I look like lol! Congrats on today and lets hope 100 followers happens soon

  2. Look at the love! Makes me consider getting a twitter... but for now you will just have to enjoy my random comments through your delicious blog.

    But I know that I am hoping that all the Twitter love will result in more follows for this here blog... we want a video!! In a bad way! You wanted this wet pussy? Trust me... a video would get it. Instantly. So come on, peeps, follow along and lets get some visuals :)


  3. First of all, I want say Hello ! I write from Germany, it`` s really true and I hope my english is good enough to understand !?

    And at the second I will say your side is really cool and wonderful. Your thinks about erotic and sex are really great ! It is simple naturally ! And that it is. Sex and erotic must be natural and that it is what you show !

    Sex is fantasy,
    is feeling,
    is happiness.

    It is the beauty of the nature, that people can feel between herself.

    Ok, I will work through your other writings, how does it call in english, in german "Einträge" , and wish you both many fun and happy days from old germany

  4. Wow, a shout out from Camille herself! Well done you guys! I have to say, I recently discovered your blog and it has been a delight to read your posts. It is refreshing to read something so honest and pure. I wish I could be as open as you guys.

    Keep blogging and thanks for giving me a new insight in sex.

    Dalide (ps, sorry if I accidentally commented twice, it was entirely my fault)

  5. @Frechundherzlich - Thanks for the love, all the way from Germany! So happy that we spread so far (we know Violet can spread quite far already)!

    @Dalide - Thanks SO much! Really happy you can find some inspiration in these here posts, and keep up the good work yourself!

  6. @Eve - I see. A video is what it takes to get a nice pussy shot, eh? Alright then. The challenge is on. We only need 69 more. Seriously. 69.


  7. Awwww, you guys! I'm so glad you enjoyed my little post. You guys are sharing some really great things and I hope you keep it up!

  8. Well since that is one delightful little number... then I like this challenge!! Bring on the video, and thus bring on my wet pussy! Come on people... follow! :)


  9. @Camille - Thanks!

    @Eve - Oh no! Now WE have to wait too? Unfair!