A Request For Our Readers.

**Update: Well, in 9 hours, we pulled in 8 questions! Thanks for your submissions, we've got a lot to work through, discuss and respond to. Please keep those questions, comments and requests coming, we love hearing from all you fucking perverts.**

We would like to come home to no less than 5 questions in our Formspring account tonight. That's right. Five. Cinco. The amount of fingers I want up Violet's tight little cunt.

You've got 8 hours to make this happen. Give us something good. Or something burning. Or something you're curious about.

There are a lot more readers than we have questions, so don't just read this and think someone else will ask the questions for you. Submit something. It can be totally anonymous, so ask away, you filthy perverts.

Ask Me Anything. Make It Dirty.


  1. Came across you via Camille Crimson haha!
    Your blog is amazing,another video please -about 7/8 mins long.I know doesn't take too long to come to V,those panties - just amazing.
    Thank You
    Back to the replay button!!

  2. So glad you found us! We get a lot of love thanks to Camille, and her fans are always people that love good porn, which makes for friendly readers.

    7 or 8, huh? We thought 3 was long! No plans for our next video yet, but we'll just have to see what we can pull off next time...