Taking Stock.

Dudes, you know how I feel about stockings by now. I think it's pretty clear that it's a "thing". So it makes sense that I end up collecting large swaths of these shots and then unload them on you unsuspectingly.

You're just going along, enjoying a Tuesday, when suddenly, BAM! Pussy in tights!

I want those cameras. And that bookshelf for records. And that girl in the American Apparel one piece that I was SO CLOSE to buying for Violet yesterday but for some reason didn't? She'll do.
Bangs, check.
Stockings, check.
Oversized sweater covering good parts just barely, check.
Kinda awkward stance? Check?
I won't be too picky.
God damn was she ahead of her time.
Um, yep.
I don't like that look from the hipster girls where they pull the socks up over their boots like this. But I would still cum on her tits.
Is it weird that I find that bush kinda hot? Even if she looks mean? Maybe it's because she looks mean, don't make me break this down to the core of my attraction, it takes the fun out of it. I just know I want to stick one hand down those stockings and two fingers from the other into her mean mouth.
I bet you would, slut.
Is that what you do when you've been styled and are standing in front of a purposefully lit wall in a photographer's studio? I'll still take it.
This one is purely for Chris. You're welcome.
There is something so strangely hot about a jean jacket. Especially when worn by a woman that is ALMOST showing you everything, but actually showing you nothing.
The details!
Lint and hairs clinging to the hose...
The lines cut into her skin...
The goosebumps...
First, the American Apparel one piece. Second, the Game Boy. Nerd is so fucking hot.
Her: "Look ma, no hands!"
Him: "Why is your mother in the room?"
This had to be taken in Silverlake. Or Williamsburg. HAD TO.
The next step here is so obvious.
I often joke with Violet that her ass is like a shelf. Perhaps this can be used to best illustrate that concept.


  1. Thanks for the foot one Rye - and man her feet were lovely!!! Funny I have seen that exact outfit look in person from my lady...

  2. Funny story Pic 1 - i jerked off for days thinking it was V (before I knew my way around the blog!!).
    Still I enjoyed her whoever she is - the hint of bush - fantastic!