Violet, how many guys have you fucked? Girls?

This gets a little tricky, doesn't it? The rules are sort of different for men and women. For women, I count oral sex, given or received as the criteria, right? I feel like that's only fair. If the same rules applied to men, my number would probably be a lot higher, but we can try to get into that another time maybe.

That said, five women. Fifteen men. An even and (mostly) delicious twenty.


  1. Loving that picture... alot!

    And thanks for sharing, Violet :)


  2. Violet honey, could tell you`ve licked pussy(why not huh?) but still wondering about handsome Rye. Has he ever let another man suck him "and" has he returned the favor? Sorry to intrude(not really,te he) but I`m "bi" and love Rye`s beautiful fat cock, and would love to suck it dry with you watching.. you kids really get this ole sex fiend hard, love your "very nasty" sex talk, yummmmm...