Cover Me.

As I walked to work this morning, a favorite Roxy Music track came up on the old iPod. When certain Roxy tracks come up, I know I'll not only be greeted with an audible treat, but a visual one as well.


Anyway, this got me to thinking about hot album covers. I know as a horny teen, there were definitely a couple that got me going, but I was hard pressed to recall the memories. As we cook dinner, Violet and I have been discussing those covers that got the blood flowing in our teen/pre-teen/adult loins. After some digging online, we found a pretty nice group.

Let's start with Bruce. And why wouldn't you? Some would go with "Born in the USA" and his ass in those jeans. However, those that really love Bruce understand that in many ways, this photo is the peak of masculinity in modern American society. Perhaps we'll write a paper on the topic.

While I'm no Seal fan myself, Violet remembered this cover fondly. And who am I to argue?

Great band. Nice tits.

Shit, do you remember the video??? I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that Violet fucked herself (at minimum) 27 times to that one particular clip (she just responded with, "yep, just millions of times").

This oddly reminds me of the failed Spinal Tap cover, "Smell The Glove". But in a sexy way.

I mean, come on. Just LOOK at the fucking BULGE. HUGE. Try wrapping your lips around that one, ladies.

Unless it's a sock. Then, you know, stuff it in your mouth and bend over like a good slut. After mocking the guy that had to stuff a sock in his pants, of course.

And lastly...

I recall this being censored in most record stores. But occasionally, I would come across one that carried the original cover. And I would stare. Not to say I ever bought this record, I actually think this band sucks. But they knew how to make an album cover.

What about you? Any favorites we forgot? Have at it in the comments!


  1. Guys, all I'm saying is that Heidi Klum fucks him for a reason, okay?

    - Violet.

  2. I agree with Violet. :) I wouldn't kick him out of bed.