Tatted Sluts Triumphantly Return.

What can I say, I love a good tatted slut. And who doesn't?

Despite a few requests to see the tats Violet and I have, we're not going to be able to cave on that one. As soon as we start seeing lots of people with the same tats that we have, you won't be seeing anything on that subject.

Fortunately for us, we have pretty unique body art, which means unfortunately for you, we aren't comfortable revealing them here. It's akin to showing our faces. That might be hard to understand, but trust us, we love to show ourselves so if we could, you know we wouldn't hesitate.

However, we CAN collect photos of sluts covered in tats touching themselves. Or sucking a cock. Cum drenched. Dripping. That much we are happy to do for you.

Be careful with that plastic. you might suffocate. Then someone would have to find your lovely, tight little body. And not fuck it. But instead call the cops. WITHOUT fucking it. But seriously guys, the BANGS. Mmm.

I LOVE the really detailed tat on her arm. Especially contrasted with the shitty little bear on her back. I imagine the bear was her first. And then she got a bit older and went with a more detailed (expensive) tattoo that expressed how into art she was. Or something.
Not to be too tacky here, but I wish to fill that hive with my honey (pretty tacky).
The only time I like being in DC is when the cherry blossoms flower. But I'd rather watch them do so on this girl's perfect curvature.
As you might have caught from and earlier photo, I'm so into girls with bangs. They look mean. In charge. Smart. And a little dangerous. Clearly, this ginger is feeling the wrath of a banged friend. "First you suck my finger, then you suck my cunt. Got it, slut?"
Can do.
I really hope she's not listening to Portishead. That would be sad. And cliche. Put on some funk and sit on my face.
Cats. Hearts. A book on The Stooges. I would say this was taken in Williamsburg, but her tits are too big. And she looks happy.
I wonder what else is up this dramatic girl's dress.
That leopard print back tattoo might be emulated in the Violet+Rye household if my estimates are anywhere near correct (they are). Nice panties.
That's probably a poem on her back. Which is probably beautiful. And profound. But nowhere near as beautiful and profound as that fine fucking ass.
Why aren't we giving them equal rights? Or bigger bathtubs, for fuck sake?
Deal. Take that gauze off, it's a little creepy. And can we turn off The Smiths while we're at it?
This is just hot. I want to see that puss. And know what it smells like.


  1. Mmmmm, I always love your tatt filled posts! I have only one tattoo currently... but already have 3 in the making. Here's to hoping they find their home on my body soon. But all that to say, I am with you... I fucking love tattoos. They are definitely some of the sexiest shit ever! Mmmmm love a hot guy or girl with tattoos... it makes me want to ask them never to put clothes on again so they remain uncovered. :)

    Thanks for sharing! I totally understand you not wanting to ever show your tattoos on here... but it does leave a girl disappointed!


  2. We never want to disappoint. Maybe our next tats will be more generic so we can show them without hesitation! But that seems unlikely...

    You'll just have to imagine. And enjoy our frequent tat posts.