Late Mornings.

Morning, perverts! We're up to a late start, because we can. And because I traveled. And because I met V and some friends when I got in and got sloppy.

But late mornings mean late showers. And late showers mean I've had enough coffee in me to function enough that the camera makes an appearance.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, enjoy!


  1. Ok, I keep the soap.......... :)

    Nice greets !

    The bnext time I will write my blog in english that you can read it also !

    Nice Greets ( Schöne Grüße )

  2. @Frechundherzlich - We would love that! Thanks so much for following along cross-continentally!

    - Violet.

  3. Thanks back ! I like to read you both and talk with ! And true erotic goes everytime cross-continentally !

    Maybe tomorrow I will write in my blog in english !

    Nice greets ! ( Schöne Grüße )

    PS: Do you know german carneval ?

  4. That's certainly true. Lust breaks all boundaries!

    And we can't say we're familiar with German Carneval. Is it anything like Brazil's?


  5. Lust knows no limits if you have the right partner !! And that makes real happy !

    The german carneval is a little bit anything like the Brazils. But it gives some differents. The first: here it is colder :)

    And by this time I have write my first english blog and hope you both will like it !

    Nice greets

  6. Nice tiles!
    Oh,V looks marvellous as usual!

  7. Ha ha! Thanks for the tile love. A good tile is never appreciated enough... ;)