Who are some people on your Ten Famous People list that you would be allowed to cheat with?

First off, let's just say that when you live in NY, many of these people are a lot closer to a reality, especially when you look like Violet does. In fact, there's always about a 30% chance we'll run into someone on these lists at a party some weekend. So while we might not exactly cheat with them, we would certainly consider bringing them home. And I think that's enough.

Rye's List

1. Natalie Portman. There's not much to add to this. And I know I'm one among many, many nerds that want to put some on that. But oh well, can't change raw desire.
2. Katie Aselton. Sexy. Funny. Smart. And oh so fuckable.
3. Monica Bellucci. I would like to replace that honey. But that's obvious.
4. Sasha Grey. Ever seen her gag on a cock? Thing of beauty. I'd probably need to take a shower after, I'd feel so used, but it would probably be worth it.
5. Mary Louise Parker. For further proof, hit me.
6. Alexis Krauss. From Sleigh Bells, dudes!
7. Gabrielle Union. Just a tried and true piece of ass.
8. Mila Kunis. All women should look up at you like this.
9. Lisa Loeb. She once asked me to lunch, but I didn't go cause I was with my ex still. Whoops.
10. St. Vincent aka Annie Clark. Met her at an after party and damn is she fine. Stunning, really.
You might be looking at this list and thinking, "hmm, most of these women look a lot like Violet." This is true. The reason for this, as I understand it, is that I really only want her. Even in other people.

Violet's List

1. Ryan Reynolds. Guys, I know he's NOW the Sexiest Man Alive, but I've had a lady boner for this one since his Two Guys, A Girl and A Pizza Place days. 
2. Vincent Cassel and Monica Bellucci. Look, I know they are technically two separate people. But I'd really like to have them in a sandwich configuration, so... 
3. Adam Scott. That arched eyebrow, slender frame and boyish smile are just too much for me. Are we having fun yet? 
4. Mos Def. Just... meow. So delicious.
5. Katie Aselton. Yeah, Rye and I overlap sometimes. She's a dream girl.
6. Nicki Minaj. Two words: That. Ass.
7. Idris Elba. I mean, there is no position in which that man could not fuck your brains out. Also, just in case you want to see him seduce someone as Stringer Bell - here you go.
8. Eric Ripert. His friends call him The Ripper. I call him 'Yes I Will Come Over for a Midnight Snack'.
9. Jorma Taccone. Guys, I get wet for nerds. What more can I say? 
10. Timothy Olyphant. Not sure what's behind this one. Oh, wait, yes I am: he's fucking sexual white chocolate.
So, yeah. Rye and I both noted how weird and varied my list is. I don't know, guys. I'm greedy. I've never had just one type. But I'll be honest, there's a pretty clear thread of Rye running straight through most of the men on this one. What can I say? We're total losers for each other.

Ask me anything. Make It Dirty.


  1. Gotta love that Violet has women in her top ten, though should be expected from what we know!!! Nice lists and LOVE Mila Kunis and those sexy fucking eyes!

  2. Thanks Chris! Those took some work. V and I had fun sitting around, comparing lists, tweaking names and looking for compromising photos.

    Whoever asked that one really hit the nail!


  3. Now THAT'S a very inspiring post. I did a watered down version of it months ago. Might have to give it another try and spice it up!

  4. Oh, thanks much! We really put some time into that one. It was fun trying to put together such a hot list!