I'm Bored.

Not with you. But with the format. When we started, it seemed like following along with the format of other sex blogs was the way to go. The HNT, Web Vid Wednesday, Pic Friday, all that.

But fuck it. I don't schedule my sex life. So why the fuck should I schedule my sex blog?

Sure, it gives the reader expectations, but it gives me a boring sense of having blanks to fill. And wedging our stories into Mondays and Tuesdays. And that blows.

And I think it blows for readers too. In the past few weeks, readership has dropped, like a fucking shelf, cut right in half. Not sure why that is. Could be the addition of Formspring, could be boredom, could be that those jerking off got enough of jerking off to Violet or myself.

Go ahead. You know you want to.
Whatever it is, it's not great. Let's address the issues one by one:

1. Formspring: I don't think this has to do with it. Sure, it sucks when this cramps up the feed. Especially when it's a really brief answer that replaces the longer pieces you used to write. But Violet and I use it differently. We're using it for ideas. We want to know what you need/want to hear about. And we'll happily give it to you, as you've seen. And in depth to boot, as you've probably noticed. While at the same time, not coming at the cost of any other goodies we've got for you.

2. Boredom: Sure, maybe readers are as bored of the format as I am. That's why it's changing, stat.

3. Jerk Offs: Cool by me. I myself have gone through masturbation phases with many different ladies on the internet. So I totally get it. I hope though, that for many of you, this serves as a way to connect with other people like you. With similar sexual impulses. People that don't think sex is disgraceful. Or inappropriate. But something that should be celebrated. And done with great frequency. Most people aren't doing it enough and that's just plain sad. So if you're in it for a jerk off and move on, good on you. I in no way mean to imply that people using this as j.o. material are in the wrong. Quite the opposite. We're actually flattered. So please, pound and finger away. God knows I've jerked off to photos of Violet many a time. But for the rest of you, stick around and make this thing interactive won't you (shout out to those that already have, you know who you are). It's more fun.

Well, if you're in it for the jerk off, nothing beats a bit of the anal, right?
So I guess that does it. Certainly, the problem may be something we didn't think of. But who cares? The real problem here isn't the dropping of readers, but more the fact that we're a bit bored of this format. And either way, that stops here.

So tune in tomorrow. We'll give you what we want to give you. And you'll fucking like, won't you, perverts?


  1. Fuck yes, we will like it! :) I am sad to think that you are thinking we don't still love your blog. Because trust me, we all fucking love it. Because we love fucking. And all the delicious things involved in fucking. And so many of those delicious things you write and show us. What's there not to love??

    So at least be confident that this little slut will continue to check in daily... And of course get off daily :) thanks for making that part easy.


  2. I check all my blogs daily... so it's not MY readership... wait... shouldn't that be viewership? Aren't we here for the pics? And some words...

    So change your format... I don't care. Just show us more tits, ass, cock and cunt.

    Please. :)

  3. I truely love your blog guys! I still remember the first day I found it. The amazing pictures that aren't just hardcore porn. They make you have to work for it. A nipple here, some balls there. Maybe a little pussy lip that is dripping wet or a huge cock just waiting to burt on someone. I love it. As soon as the computer is humming in the morning I am on this blog! Thanks so very much for making my day just a little bit better!......and wetter! Whatever new format you have in mind will be just as awesome. We WILL love it. Please keep up the good work. I love Violet and I love Rye and I love this blog!XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX Jessie

  4. On another note! Violet what do you do to make that pussy look so smooth all the time? Do you get waxed or just shave? You never have any bumps or anything....just looks perfect. Give a girl some tips!

  5. Thanks for the outpouring! I know you guys all love it, was never questioning you. But just thinking it needed a change-up. Sometimes I want to post just photos for two straight days. Or stories (I know, W and K and R, you'll have to indulge me, I like writing). Or pictures of Violet.

    So I will. And I know you'll love it no less. Or stop jerking off (never gonna happen, Eve)!

    Anyway, keep enjoying. And bring on the questions, comments, pic requests and submissions!

    p.s. As for Violet's cunt, I'll let her tell it. Violet, tips for Jessie?


  6. Keep it up!!! All I have to say lol

  7. Gosh, you guys are the sweetest.

    @Jessie - Blush! I'm glad you like it! I'd say that my maintenance routine is pretty normal, I guess. I don't generally wax, did it a few times and was a little annoyed at the cost for what I was getting - basically an hour of pain and still having to clean it up myself at home.

    I stick pretty strictly to the policy of only shaving once a week. Any more is just mean to it. And it's awfully nice to me. I make sure to always use a new, sharp razorblade, and conditioner. GIRL, CONDITIONER. It will change your life.

    - Violet.

  8. I'll be honest when I first discovered this blog i thought,fuck these guys are so sexy,honest and natural.And yes I did nothing but jerk off to Violet,now though I've calmed down a little!
    I'm reading more of you're thoughts now man,so don't stop! I love your choice of pix and the ice cream vid who hasn't thought of runny ice cream- but you found it!
    In my excitement the other day I fucked up my stocking question as well,I'll redraft that one day!

  9. Thanks for the love, Anon! Glad to have you on here with us.