Do you have any fantasies that either is unwilling to try?

Nothing's come up so far.

We were just talking about it tonight and how I keep throwing out shit I want to try or see and how each and every time, Violet isn't only willing to try, but excited to give it a shot. However, I am often the one throwing shit out. So maybe when Violet comes up with something crazy I'll say no*.

The key here is trust. And we have that with one another. Implicitly.

The other thing we have is fun. 

Sex is fun. You should be able to laugh. If her eating my cum out of a bowl is a little weird to watch or do, we can laugh about it. If a round of ass-fucking just isn't working, no problem, let's put that fucker back in the pussy and keep enjoying ourselves. It's sex, not rocket science. New is fun.

*Not likely.

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