As you read yesterday, I've suddenly uncovered my desire to explore sex with women. Can Violet share some of her experiences fucking women? Counsel me, please. (Any inadvertent arousal is a bonus.) -wife10yearsin

I'm sure Violet would be happy to. She's promised a few stories already, so in time, I'm sure she'll provide some insight. She doesn't take writing these posts lightly and really likes to take her time with them, like some sort of fucking writer.

Anyway, up next is a previously promised post about her happy ending massage experiences.

As for the short term, perhaps you can glean something from this:


I just re-read it and got quite aroused myself.


  1. *gulp*

    Thanks. You two are the best. ;)

  2. I take it the gulp means you got some of that inadvertent arousal going on?

    Glad we could help!