Pushy Push in the Bush.

This one is for a certain follower of our Twitter account (You don't follow? Why not? We have some fun on there!), a BIG fan of the bush.

It also happens that bush is making a comeback of sorts. A number of porn stars are rocking the natural look, and it seems like it's disseminating from there. We'll see what happens. Will it overtake the Brazilian in popularity? I mean, the Brazilian fucking hurts, right? A bush does not.

I'll go out there and say I like Violet's nether region groomed however she wants it. But a FULL bush can be a little unruly for someone like me that LOVES going down on her. We all know why, no need to get into specifics. So yeah. Let's meet in the middle. Or shave it bald. Or leave a strip. I just love your pussy, plain and simple.

Bonus points* if you know where the title comes from.

*Bonus points mean nothing. But it will make you feel fucking cool if you know the answer, won't it?


  1. These pictures are doing nothing to resolve my current inner conflict. ;)

  2. Glad to help further confuse your sexuality!