Cool Girls.

You know the girls.

They look cool, always.
The have the best tattoos.
They have stunning bodies.
They are always at the hippest bars/restaurants/shows.
They know famous people.
They get photos taken by Vice photographers.


They maybe have a coke problem.
They can be kinda mean.
They might lack ambition.
They make you fully aware that even if you fuck them once, it will only be once. And that you're lucky.

So there's clearly a trade off. Thankfully for those of us that aren't the cool girls or not fucking the cool girls, we still get to look at their Vice-style photos. And maybe jerk off.


  1. Love that handprints. Mmmmm


  2. Don't you just? One of my faves, though the hammock really takes first place.


  3. I like the milk and the stockings!