Go Fist Yourself.

In a recent discussion about our fantasies, I let V know that the idea of fisting had always intrigued me. While this may not be practical for me to test out on her (she's small, as a person, where as I'm really not, there are bone size issues), it was something she was willing to give a go.

On her own terms.

What do I mean by this exactly? Well, you'll see for yourself below.


  1. I love the feeling of fisting a girl. Blessed with small hands I have had the pleasure to do it multiple times with multiple girls. Always great fun, done right and slowly can produce the greatest orgasms. Fantastic pictures, enjoy your new found activity ;oP

  2. Ok, if the girl have long arms, then it is surely real horny !

    But does the girls like it ? Do V it real like ?
    How is her feeling by this ? That I will like to know !! Or what feel also other woman if she fisted ?

    Nice greets from Germany

  3. Oh, Robert, you lucky man with small hands... Nice to hear you're using them to your full advantage!

    And Frez, she does indeed have long arms, and was enjoying it enough, though her wrist got quite tired. She needs someone with small hands to help move her to the next level. Perhaps somewhere down the road.


  4. Holy shit, love from Jiz Lee, so amazing! Thanks for the comment, lovely!