A question for you both to answer separately: What is the draw to inserting vegetables?

Violet: To be perfectly honest, aside from shoving them rapidly and frequently into my mouth, I'd never considered being penetrated by a vegetable until Rye and I got together. Even now, having done it a time or two, the most titillating thing about it is the crazy, fiery twinkle Rye gets in his eye when he sees me select a cucumber at the market.

With enough lube, finesse and excitement, just about anything would probably feel good, but what I enjoy most about it is how, er, crisp it gets Rye's tenderest parts.

Rye: We talked about our love for food, right? Also, my imagination runs pretty rampant. And the idea of sexualizing even the most mundane things is fun to me. With a partner as up for anything as V is, I mention something, she says ok, then before you know it she's fucking an eggplant/eating my cum from an avocado/fisting herself. I like to try things. So does V. It works well for both parties.

Also, it makes the trips to the Farmers' Markets really enjoyable, because we each get a look in our eye when I know she's not intending to make a salad with that cucumber.

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