What is the most number of times you have had sex in one day?

That's a good question. I really can't actually recall. You see, when we go at it, we tend to really get the most out of it. That typically means 3 or more orgasms for Violet and oftentimes, two for me (if I get two, that means V is on her fifth or so).

All that being said, I recall a few times in the early days where we fucked several times each day.

And one day in particular, we woke up and fucked.
Then fucked again after lunch.
Then we hot tubbed in her apartment complex's community tub. Alone. And I fingered her to orgasm.
Then returned to her apartment and fucked.
Then I went to get water and she followed me out, got on her knees while I drank water, cock in her mouth until I was hard again, then bent over the counter. I fucked her a final time, with her roommate sleeping behind the door mere feet away.

So, 4? Ish?

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