Come On, In My Kitchen.

Anyone that knows even the first thing about us outside of this blog world of ours knows that we talk about two or three things. Food and sex. The third is yet to be decided. And variable.

But food and sex are a constant.

You know the sex part. How about the food part?

What can I say, really?

We live it.
Breathe it.
Are kind of obsessed with it.

We plan vacations around where and what we're eating.
Have traveled hours out of our way to get a cheesesteak or a pizza.
Plan entire weekends around going to the Farmers' Market and cooking food for friends.

We read endlessly about it, are constantly seeking out new restaurants, new ingredients, new ways to make our own version of any and everything. It's really too much to fit into a few intro paragraphs.

But it's important. Food is a lifeforce. It's one of the only real things we NEED to survive on this planet. And because of that, you should fucking enjoy it.

And as we've discovered in this new city, making new friends, it's a way of finding passionate people. If you know someone that is really into food, loves to talk about cheeses and takes pride in what they cook, there's a VERY good chance that person is also really into fucking.

One passion breeds another. So when you find that person that really wrings the pleasure out of life, that's the kind of person you want in the bedroom with you.

All that is a way of introducing the following. Which is, people half naked and fucking in kitchens is a big turn on.


  1. I couldn't agree more. Food can be delightfully exquisite, and there's nothing I enjoy more (well, ok, maybe a couple things I enjoy more) than trying new restaurants, new cuisines, etc. My wife and I are similar - that we're always on a quest to find good food. Part of our vacation plans always revolve around finding out what the area is known for, food wise, and seeking out some of the best.

    And let's be honest...great pictures as always Rye.

  2. glad I'm not alone when it comes to the kitchen. love food, love sex, love to entertain. great pictures... i'm off to find a good sturdy table.


  3. so then what was the best thing you put in your mouth recently?

  4. @Goodwill - Thanks. And nice to hear we're of similar minds when it comes to food.

    @GD - Good luck with the table!

    @PL - It being ramp season in the northeast, we had an amazing ramp pasta dish the other night. Killer. We're spoiled in NY though, too much good food.


  5. Mmm. I'm in the wrong place for ramps.

  6. A damn shame! Add those to the fiddleheads, spring onions and garlic and rhubarb, you've got the makings of a different kind of kitchen orgasm.