Masturbation Month.

It's the last week of Masturbation Month! Oh no! When will you ever masturbate again???

If you're anything like us, this just means you'll probably jerk off on Wednesday morning. But that doesn't take away the importance of having a Masturbation Month. It's a way to get people to talk about shit they normally wouldn't touch in public. And yet, it's one of our most popular activities (not just us, the collective US).

Copyright 2011 Shilo McCabe

You probably do it more times in a day than you shit. But you'll (maybe) talk about shitting.
You do it more than you call your mother. But you talk about how pissed she makes you.
You do it more than you see a movie. But you talk about celebrities incessantly.

So yeah. We jerk off. It's ok, we all do it (If you don't, you're lying. Or are some sad, confused minority of the population, and you should fix that, stat.)

Fortunately, The Sex Positive Photo Project is with us. And have dedicated each day this month to a photo and testimonial from someone they know, talking about how and why they masturbate. You'll want to take a look at this. We did. For a while.


  1. Oh, I enjoyed the fuck out of this month. And every other month. Further evidence can be found over at my place.