Why is it so hard sometimes to get past one's ego and pride and fully commit to being submissive? Think I worded that right.

I wouldn't say there's a particular submissive in our relationship. Perhaps V skews more toward submissive at times. But Rye also likes being told what to do and having his ass abused, so there's a trade-off.

But overall, my experience comes from a place of feminist thought. And the expected masculine role. We're in a relationship where we're both feminist. And believe that women are absolutely equal to men in all regards.

However, when it comes to being submissive, there's a hesitation there. There's some belief, perhaps that the submissive has less power than the dom. Which, over time you realize isn't true.

In fact, it's a role, like many performative roles in our lives. And we're merely playing submissive or dom. It doesn't seep outside the bedroom into our public lives, it's just another type of role we play. If either of us was a full-time submissive, then perhaps this could go even deeper. But as is, we like to share that position, and in doing so, equal the field. And also become less ashamed about the fact that sometimes you want her to gag on you, while other times, she's gonna strap it on and press you to the wall.

After all, fuck it. Being submissive doesn't make you any less feminist. I could argue that it's actually quite the opposite. What's more feminist than telling someone you want them to use you and then getting just what you want?


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  2. Fucking brilliant. Love.love.love.

  3. Glad we see eye to eye on this issue! It's not often we discuss sex this way, but it's still important to understand.