Ok, so you have 76 followers on this page, but I just checked in Google Reader and you have 131 subscribers... I think that counts for video time. For the love of all that is good and right, we must see video!! :)

Hmm. This is a very good point. However, because neither myself nor Violet ever really understood just how Google Reader works (for instance, I had NO idea until you pointed that out), the number we've been basing this off of since the start was the "Follows" on the blog itself.

Let's make this shit happen! Only 24 to go, people. There are over 400 followers on Twitter. You can follow us anon on Blogger. Or with your Tumblr account somehow, as Camille Crimson has totally done.

It's easy. At this rate, we should be at 100 by tomorrow. Pull it together, perverts!

You want to see us in action. Trust me.


  1. Google Reader is actually how I keep up with you two pervs... with a Google account, you can set it up to read all your fave blogs in one place. I do still have to click when you have a 'read more' post. Always worth it, however. :)

  2. Ooh, glad to hear it! So many ways to indulge in our filthy habits, thanks to technology. Glad it's worked out on Reader, I've frankly never really thought of using it myself. Perhaps I'll try...