Breakfast in Camille's Bed.

Ever wondered what a weekend morning was like at Camille Crimson's house? I mean, we kinda figured as much, but if you want to find out, we'll help make that happen.

As for the video?

Well, now it's got me thinking, how about some honey on my cock? V, we should make that happen.


  1. I'm a devoted admirer of Camille so I think its awesome that you guys and CC are buddies and promote each others sites! I like that you are both doing "partner porn" of the best sort. Two loving couples making hot porn. What a "radical" concept!

  2. Thanks for saying so! We definitely love what she and Mike do, and she seems to be a big fan of ours. So we're doing something right!

    We appreciate you reading along!


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  4. Oh I think its safe to say that Camille would not have made UCAppetites a featured post on her blog unless she thought you guys were très magnifique.

    I don't know how many other partner porn couples are out there but I wish you all good luck...because real love makes porn so much hotter!

  5. Aw, shucks! And yeah, we totally agree, being drawn to start this blog by other similar couples. But the world of porn is still dominated by tits more fake than the orgasms. Which is unfortunate. But we continue to seek out the truly erotic and pro-sex porn that we find hot as fuck.

    Thanks for the comments!