Put Some D's On That Bitch!

Guys? Ladies? Can we hear it for a beautiful set of tits?

In my first, albeit somewhat shitty and drawn out relationship, I had a pair of B cups to fondle and call my own (when allowed to touch them). I never considered myself much of a tit man before, and in fact, those B's were perfect in my mind.

HOWEVER, I've gotta say, having a set of D's to cup, grapple and suck on has been a real treat. And I have no intention of ever going back.

Regardless of tit size, though, the most important aspect is that they're real. As is the case with most of (?) those to follow. I do hope you agree.

No, somehow this is not Violet. Even though she keeps saying that maybe it is. Uncanny!


  1. I WISH I only had D's. Carrying around F's gets strenuous sometimes. ;)

    (my blog is temporarily pwp. had a minor anonymity breach.)

  2. Wowzers! Now those are some full breasts. And damn the anon breach, always so hard to try and balance.