She pulls her hair back into a ponytail.
This is the sign.
It's about to get serious.

Moments earlier, purring in serenity over her third orgasm that afternoon, she reaches down and smiles up at me. Those lips so full. About to cover me.

Out I come, already hard from watching her come endlessly.
My fingers still wet with her.
Her scent engulfs me.

First the head. Kissing lightly.

Enough suction to make me groan. Enough of a tease to pull me back out.
That smile again.

And then, like she's done hundreds of times before, and will do thousands more, she pulls me in.
All of me.

Her small mouth, expanding over the length of me. All 7 inches down.

She looks up.
Big eyes.
Smiling eyes.

I'm finished.

As she ties back her ponytail, her arms taut, heaving tits swinging freely in the soft afternoon light.

It looks nicer than it is outside. A shitty spring, but we know how to spend it.

She moves up to me, kissing me softly on the mouth. Tastes herself on my lips, "Mmm, I'm delicious today."

"I wonder how I am."
"Care to find out?"

That smile. Bigger than before.

Kneeling between me, her hands find a way to stay busy. That area just beneath. Just the right pressure.

She knows me.

Four years of this and still it's as exciting as the first time. That time she worked for it. Pulling me in, massaging me, taking all of me. Then those arms, pumped victoriously. Like Rocky. "YES!"

Furious bobbing. Slow sucking. Gentle licking. Hands slippery, sliding. Fingers roaming, finding their way to my ass.

Not in, but almost. Just the pressure drives me wild. I'll never last with this going on.

A wild groan. Panting. Grunting. Unleashing.

She's ready for all I've got. Over time, I subside. She pulls back, a mouth full of me.

Crawling seductively up the length of the bed, an evil grin.
Those tits.
That stomach.
Those arms.
Those eyes.
That smile.

She pounces. Her mouth on mine. Her warm tongue breaking through my smile.

Then, a taste of me. A lot of me. Warm. Salty. And strangely satisfying.

As she kisses me, moans from deep within.
Pushing hard into me.
Her hips on mine.
She loves it.

I love it.


  1. Wow. That's hot. I'm going to replay that later on in my dark mind, btw.

  2. Very glad to hear that. Enjoy yourself.