So curious, who masturbates more often? And do you ever masturbate in "catchable" places?

Hmm. It used to be the reverse, but I'd say Violet currently masturbates more often. And by quite a wide margin. She's probably at, in addition to our fuck sessions, 4 or so times each week. Minimum.

I usually indulge every couple days or so. Sometimes with V watching, other times if I find something really good I want to post.

You know, like this.

As for catchable places, Violet fingered herself in her office recently, in the bathroom. Also, a few times in the car, driving out to our wedding (I was driving, for fuck sake!).

And I have a storied history of jerking off at work, in my car, in my backyard growing up, at school, generally in many places where I might have been caught. But these days, it seems like I can usually keep my cock in my pants until I get home.

Unless Violet orders me otherwise, of course.


  1. I've made I point of jacking off in the bathroom of every place I have worked in the last twenty years...just on principal.

  2. We all have to live by a code! Yours is a bit sexier than most.