And Now, Time for Another...

...reader submission!

Some of you may know Eve from our comments section, she frequently tells us about just how wet we make her pussy with our posts, photos and stories, not to mention enlivens the comments section with tales of her slippery cunt.

Sound familiar? Maybe?

Well, lucky for you, everyone will now be formally introduced to Eve.

Recently, while chatting about her wet fuckhole, Chris, Violet and I all put in a request for proof. And while these may not be photos of said cunt, you won't hear a single complaint coming from this pervert.

Can I just be the first to say that Eve has a banging little body? Because she does. But don't leave it up to me, what say you, readers?

Mmm. Thanks for caving to our pressure, Eve, it really did wonders for all concerned!

Oh, and you know, keep those comments (and your pussy) coming, fine, slutty-ass Eve!


  1. Damn Eve your body is smoking!!!! Those look like camera phone pics so tough to replicate! Orgy??? lol

  2. Hmmm those tits look familiar ;)

    Thanks Chris for the compliments and the offer! Hot hehe! ;)

    And Rye and Violet, I feel privileged to have been hot enough to make your wet worthy blog! I just had to know my body was welcomed before I would offer up a nice pussy shot.... So that may be poppin up in your inbox one of these days! You definitely deserve it, you filthy fuckers!


  3. Eve... when are you starting a blog? If you need a 32 year old stud with a nice hard cock email me lol

  4. There is a God...

  5. Sounds like Chris is looking for a side dish. Unless your gf is into sharing. And Chris, you can't just assume Eve's gonna open that pussy of hers when she's never seen a thing from you. Equality, perverts.

    And Eve, as far as pics of that pussy go, we'll be eagerly anticipating that email. Welcome anytime!


  6. Rye my cyber friend, no snacking but rather a threesome would be more us! My lady likes women so she may play!

    Cock pics will be cumminng!