WVW: Camille at Her Most Naked.

Holy fuck. Watched this video on lunch break yesterday and almost needed a change of underwear. The finale really pushed me over the top. Spitting his load back out and slurping it all down again? Violet, please note this, because good lord I want that immediately.

Also, nice to see her body revealed. Kind of.

Watch Camille take another load like a champ.


  1. Ding ding we have a winner! Great video!

  2. Very nicely shot. And very nicely "shot" (get it?)

  3. Yeah, it's definitely the hottest Camille video I've seen so far. The spit/swallow is still on my mind. Can't wait until Violet watches this.

    And welcome back, Jez! So nice to have you up and running again. Can't wait to hear some devious tales.