What Did You Do On New Year's Day?

I'll tell you what Violet did...

To be perfectly blunt about it, she sucked my cock, unloaded me onto one of her favorite foods (the avocado), then ate it all up with a spoon.

Hope your holidays were equally indulgent.


  1. Ok newest sexiest thing about Violet...her lips! My god girl, I just want to kiss you! So full and delicious...new picture idea! Just Violets beautiful mouth! Maybe with something in it...wink, wink Rye!

    I love the pics as well. I think I told you guys about how I did kinda the same thing with my husband - only with chocolate pudding...yummy!

  2. Have to agree with Jessie here about the lips being hot, but still like the ass and tits, oh and feet better lol... a cummy avocado, how interesting! Gotta love the grip on the sack

  3. i dont want to be a stickler here, but thats a fork, not a spoon. Just saying. :)

  4. Rye i think you had a wondeful nye, your wife has really nice hands, this is true violet has nice lips, you're wife is very cool.

  5. Ummmm, wow. That is just plain hot! Thanks for sharing! You definitely had a fantastic New Years!


  6. @Jessie - Wow, seems like someone wants to fulfill some lesbian desires. Glad she's a turn on to you. Those lips are the real deal, and I'll work on getting you more. As for the pudding, I do recall this. Violet's more into savory than sweet, though pudding sounds like a delightful vehicle for a load.

    @Chris - V gives head like a champ, I'm sure she's mentioned it before. She wasn't lying.

    @hornynecouple - Whoops! How dare I mix-up my cutlery!

    @X & Eve - It really was a wonderful holiday. They all are with Violet.


  7. What a great beginning for the New Year. Violet must be great and this fantasy in real. Maybe I will take it for one of my next books. ( I write in Germany erotic E-Books )

    But what for a New Years Beginning do have had for Violet ?

    Nice greets from Germany