Happy Six Months!

To be honest, I'm a little surprised, and also not surprised at all, that it's only been six months since our first post. Other blogs we've tried our hands at have fallen by the wayside at a sadly rapid rate. We're talking weeks here, people.

Not Uncommon. No way. And that's thanks to you guys. Reading, commenting, sending in photo requests, and sometimes a photo of your girlfriend in compromising positions.

In those six months, we're at over 40,000 views! With pretty much no promotion.

So thank you to anyone that posted us on your blogroll.

Or wrote about us (seriously, Jez and Cane are to thank for a CHUNK of our readership).

Or Tweeted, Facebooked or MySpaced (no one still uses that, right?) our little blog.

It's totally helped us make a name for ourselves in this cluttered world of sex bloggers. (If I forgot anyone, it's because I don't know of any other links out there, or your site is invite-only, wink-wink, CelloBiscuit. If you know of anyone else that's put us on their blogroll or posted a link about us, fill us in!)

Since we're halfway to a year, our goal is pretty simple. Let's try to get to 100,000 views by the annual mark. That means adding about 20,000 views on top of the reader rate we have now. A reach? Maybe.

Obviously, porn is more difficult to share with people. It's not like you can just post it to your Facebook or Tweet about it (Wait, can you? Lucky dog!). In fact, none of our friends know we have this blog, so we understand this notion, perhaps best of all. But if you DO have a sex-only profile online, spread us around. We'd love to add some fans to the collection.

Also, this serves as a reminder that we're more than open to taking photo requests. Or story requests (none of those yet). And we'll respond, maybe not in a super-timely manner, but in a way that will exceed your expectations (right Chris?).

And the offer still stands. 100 followers gets a video. They're piling up, but we're not taking that step until we hit the goal we set. We'd love to share though...


  1. Great state of the union! Thanks for entertaining us

  2. Wow...called out and everything. :)
    Invitation on the way.

  3. Thanks Chris!

    And Pepper, sorry for the blunt shout out, and yet thanks for blogrolling us. I was wondering what this blog was that was sending us all these readers. Thanks for the love, and for the invite!