Why do you only have 22 followers? I see people comment yet aren't followers?

Fuck if I know. I barely understand the backend on these things, but I know that based on our readership numbers, the followers seem to be seriously off in numbers.

If you're commenting or reading and not following, get on that. There's a prize at the end of that follower rainbow, you know. Yeesh.


  1. My bad, loves. I had just never remembered to hit that magic little "follow" button. I am following, just call me lucky 23. And now that I hit it, it appears I am no longer anonymous. Yea, this blogger thing is all new to me. :)

    And I am dry. So there. lol


  2. Ah, thanks Eve. Tack one more point toward our video challenge!

    And dry? I don't believe it! (By the time you read this comment, you'll probably be drenched again.)