Flying Solo.

This post is dedicated to Violet, who will be spending a week at home as I travel for work. Lucky for her, she's got a plethora of goodies to keep her occupied, though as we all know, nothing substitutes for a warm, hard cock. Alas, business calls.

Unfortunately, there will be many times over the next month spent away from Violet, which ranks as my least favorite activity. I just don't see the point of it.

Hopefully she has fun while I'm gone, spending days in seminars and nights in a crappy hotel. And maybe if we're all lucky, she'll offer up a few posts while I'm out of town. I made sure to line you up with a week full of goodies, but you wouldn't sneeze at some Violet produced posts, would you?


  1. Have a good trip! That chick reading the book and touching herself is amazingly hot!

  2. Yeah,girl with book very enticing.
    Violet- read any good books lately??

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  4. Lush Life and Fortress of Solitude, both great!