Is there anything sexually that is taboo for you two? Pic Request - a little Anal Sex - Rye in Violet!

From V: Poop. Crying. Rape fantasies.

From Rye: Ditto. Ditto. Anything with diapers. Or restricting breathing.

Otherwise, as you've seen on the blog, we're pretty open.

Fisting: Not taboo.

And we'll work on that request of yours. I'm feeling a need for some anal lately, so we'll see what happens.


  1. V - crying is taboo in any sense? So peeing is okay, pooping no... interesting!

  2. Crying is just not something that's needed in the bedroom. Did you read the study about women's tears reducing the male's drive? True. And with good reason.

    And as for peeing, it's not something off-limits, but I'm not into it sexually.

    Also, forgot vomit. No thank you.


  3. Amen, Violet (and Rye) to all of them.
    Good to know those pictures are not in the works....


  4. Yes crying would not be sexy in bed at all!

  5. Oh, and Chris, I see what you were getting at. Asking if a man/woman crying in life was taboo? Not in slightest. But in the bedroom, no thanks.

    And yeah, Eve, you won't find those on here. Rye, however, is a fan of ripped stockings, which sometimes get bunched into rape fantasies. Let's keep them separate, shall we?