Have either of you ever been caught having sex by police, family, etc.?

Well, firstly (and Rye, darling, correct me if I'm wrong)**, I can't remember a time when Rye and I have been caught. We're far too sneaky. Like ninjas. And also, as mentioned, probably need to have a little more sex in public.

However, I wasn't always so careful.

Once, I took a long drive with a high school boyfriend on a rainy night (there is not a lot to do in the town I grew up in). We wound our way up a steep hill that overlooks the whole city. That's right kiddos, to get all 1950s about it, we went parking.

Anything, including a pretty flat and unimpressive skyline, can make a teenager lustful and the view, the rain on the roof, the glow of the instruments all kind of overtook us. Before I knew it, he had me bent over the back of the driver's seat. He was a few urgent thrusts away from exploding when I saw headlights pull up behind us. I started to worry, but knew he was close. He came just as the flashing lights turned on.

I managed to pull his shirt on, button his pants and return to my seat by the time the officer knocked on our foggy window. He rolled the window down, was politely told that this was a city park that closed at 10pm and we needed to move along.

Thank you, officer, for not requesting that either of us step out of the car.

**Rye correction. Violet is actually correct, so no correction needed. However, I was caught fucking my ex in the garage of her mom's house by her sister*, who barged in and shouted, "What the fuck are you doing???"

*Her sister was a piece of shit.

Ask me anything. Make it dirty.

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