Where is the craziest and wildest place you two have had sex before?

We were at a wedding a few summers ago where the liquor was REALLY flowing. We both enjoy a drink, especially when free, so we both partook of a few. And then a few more. We spent the night dancing, making out on the parquet and generally grabbing up on each other.

As the party wound down, people moved on, mostly back to hotels, but some of the wedding party took a party bus to a secluded house on a private island (I KNOW). Of course we took that bus.

A few hours and several drinks later, we were on a couch, my fingers knuckle deep in Violet. She needed more. We found one of two bathrooms in the house and waited in a fairly long line. The line grew even longer behind us.

As our turn came, I grew concerned over how we'd enter together without looking too suspicious. Violet wasn't as worried. The door opened, she grabbed my arm and in we went.

It was a large bathroom, big enough to fit a little chair near the door. Violet pushed me down, pulled out my cock and thrust herself right on top.

"You're gonna have to be quick."

I wasn't.

Before we knew it, I had V pinned against a wall, on the shower door, on the edge of the sink, pounding away as people pounded the door.

I'd love to tell you that I pulled out, threw Violet against the door that those fuckers were pounding and unloaded all over her party dress. But if we're being honest here, the knocks on the door grew so annoying and so worrisome that we stopped. I tucked my cock away, Violet wiped away the wetness covering her thighs and we reemerged, both unsatisfied.

We didn't worry too much, as the next thing either of us remembers was waking up in a completely different house, a family walking in on us curled on the couch, fully clothed.

It was messy.

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