Three That Stand Out: Rye Edition.

As requested by Violet. I've noticed that all three come from the first year of our relationship. This isn't to say that things have gotten worse between us sexually, but just that I have a bad memory and these REALLY stand out. Also, if this was a top five list, you can bet your ass one of these would have to do with just that.

Without further adieu, my top three fuck sessions with my wife:

1) The Loft Space.
We used to live in a loft with really high ceilings. It had a weird half-size second floor that wasn't tall enough for me to stand in. We had a little makeshift office up there and the rest of the area was for storage. One afternoon, I was up in the space, laying around and reading. Violet came home from work and found me up there, which prompted her to join right in.

We proceeded to fuck each other silly. She sat on my lap, bent back, grabbing the railing. With such a tight spot, we changed up the positions frequently, her turning around, me crouching behind her, her almost standing and slamming down on my cock.

I might have mentioned this before, but Violet comes from vaginal sex. Easily. And a lot. We've definitely made entire nights dedicated to getting her off ten times, while I only sometimes get two. She's orgasmic, to say the least.

That afternoon, my slutty, much experienced (slutty) partner got off at least seven times, pouncing on my cock until I could take no more. And when she was finished assaulting me, crashed down on the floor, cum dripping from her pussy, sweaty, glowing, turned to me and said:

"I've told you before that you're the best fuck I've had, but I really meant top three. With that, though, top spot. Hands down. Best. Fuck. Ever."

2) The Hot Tub and The Kitchen.
The number two spot has already been written about. I thought maybe I'd write about another session since this was the case, but I'm being honest with my list here, so I've got to include it. Don't get me wrong, there are SO many amazing experiences with Violet, and after four years together, they're far into the hundreds (the first year alone had to be 150-200).

But I'm only talking about three. So this HAS to be in there. Click away and reacquaint yourself with the tale of the hot tub and the kitchen. I know I just did.

3) The Fountain.
As I've mentioned before, I'm a big fan of Darren Aronofsky's films. While The Black Swan is getting plenty of buzz and yes, much to do about it's fucking hot lesbian scene, I'm an unapologetic fan of his third film, The Fountain. A fairly complex tale of true love, death and acceptance, it's also a real stunner, visually.

I had seen it before, a few times, once with my ex-wife, who fucking loathed it and berated me for taking her to it, having lost a grandparent only weeks before. Which was precisely why I took her, as I thought it was cathartic. Perhaps symbolically, we disagreed, like much else. And it was one of the last times we did anything publicly before we deciding ending it was best.

A while later (A year? Less? More?), I had been dating Violet for a bit and one night, I decided to show her the film that was so dear to me, even after the disaster that was the previous screening. I shouldn't have been concerned, needless to say, it struck her much the same way as it did me.

We talked about it for a bit afterward, and eventually retreated to the bedroom. We're not much for "lovemaking" and in fact both find the term repugnant. But that night was maybe the best approximation of what that means to us.

She took the top spot and pulled me in slowly, kissing me deeply as she slid me further inside. Once she had me tucked in as far as I could go, she folded onto my chest and I pulled her tight to me. What at first I thought was just a momentary bonding before fucking turned into something other. A weird connection between the two of us. And then it happened.

As we lay there, her pussy started to contract, pulsating on my stiff cock. It felt good, sure, but I never imagined it would take the direction that it did. Before I knew it, Violet's breathing became hard, fast, short. Despite the lack of friction or any real movement at all, Violet came moments later. HARD.

The best part? She was SHOCKED. Statements like "what the fuck was that?" "that's NEVER happened before" and "holy fuck" came pouring out. In my state of bewilderment, I beamed from pride that this girl was able to achieve such heights with me. Was able to shock even herself. And it was thanks to the chemistry between us.

It's that same chemistry that keeps our sex life just as hot to this day. As is evidenced by the photo at the top, which was sent to me as I was writing this very piece.


  1. That is one of the hotter pics... gotta love how sexy your wife is!!! Oh and great stories, pat on the back for 7 times in one shot!

  2. It really is, Chris. Gotta love a good sexted photo in the middle of a work day.

    And the pat should really be on her back. Though she claims I'm the first one to get her so easily, slut is a fucking cum queen.


  3. Well pat on your back and a smack on her backside!

  4. I am pretty sure I just fell more in lust with you two as a couple. Yummy!! :)

    I hope you both know how much we all love AND appreciate what and how often you share your slutty, fucker, cum-filled stories. Keeps me hot. Keeps me wet.


  5. @Chris - Smack on the backside completed! Many times over.

    @Eve - I didn't know it was possible to fall MORE in lust with us. Glad to see we're still giving you lady boners even though we've together for so long now.

    And seriously, thanks for the note of appreciation, it makes writing this here blog even more worth it.