Have you ever had "gay" fantasies given the love of having things anally? Serious question, not trying to be an ass!

Short answer, no.

Slightly longer answer, still no. However, there would be nothing at all wrong if I did. I grew up in a very open and understanding culture where homosexuality was not just fine, but commonplace and just part of the culture.

If I had gay fantasies, I would have acted on them, 100%. And I've had plenty of guys around me that would have/would still LEAP at the opportunity. The weird thing to me was that despite loving a finger up my ass (or a dildo attached to Violet), I never once thought about a cock going up my backend.

Psst. Violet. Let's do this.

It's not a fear thing. It's not a disgust thing. It's not really a thing at all. It's really just that I LOVE, always have, the female form. The curve of their bodies. The slope of the ass. The soft, wet center. The feel of a slightly firm, plump breast. Burying my face in that musky, wet and soft center of endless delight.

I just also happen to really love it when someone with those breasts, that tight little cunt and soft curving ass to strap it on and plow into my ass. I love the power shift. The joy on her face as she takes me down. Fills me up. Comes from slamming that ass.

The thing that strikes me as odd about the whole endeavor is that more men don't want the same. The ass is FULL of nerve endings. Not to mention your prostate (it's nicknamed the P-Spot, for fuck sake, it's gotta be a source of pleasure!). It might have something to do with those feelings of shame, fear, disgust that comes with anything even close to being considered homosexual behavior.

In a society where we still consider homosexuals second-class citizens.

Where we consider their behavior in the bedroom something to be ashamed of rather than embraced and considered.

Where there are so many social stigmas associated to growing up gay that my heart truly goes out to those that have to come of age in our mean-spirited and harmful culture.

But at the end of the day, getting fucked in the ass by the love of your life (or shit, lust of your minute) isn't gay. It's only gay if the love/lust of your life/minute is another man.

Cut loose. Enjoy it. And thank me later.

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