Three That Stand Out: Violet Edition.

Hello, you filthy, squirming, darlings! I've missed you. I realize sometimes that with all the cock-sucking, picture-posing and, you know, full-time job working, that sometimes I don't get to perv out with you as much as I'd like to. Anyway, happy new year, nice to see you all and your tender bits.

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A few days ago, I gave Rye a little challenge during an especially uncommon bout of writers block (that man WORKS on this thing, am I right??). I asked him to recall for all of us his top three with the old ball and chain. Or, perhaps more appropriately, tits and chain. I figure it's only fair for me to give you the three that rattle around my brain most. Without further ado, let's get slutty.

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(In no particular order. That would be impossible.)

1. A particular combination: As is probably evident, Rye and I are pretty adventurous with each other in the bedroom and otherwise. But sometimes it takes a while to get to something that once we do, we have a serious palm-slap-to-the-forehead-moment; why did that take us so long? This first entry is devoted to the first time I ever, augmented by a tiny little bullet vibrator, slid myself down onto Rye's throbbing shaft (ha ha! Is that the porniest phrase ever?) in that most luscious of positions, reverse cowgirl.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a beginner. Reverse cowgirl is a phrase that has existed in my lexicon for quite a while - and is a position I can slink, slide and twist my body into, pretty much on-the-ready. But for some UNGODLY reason, around a year ago was the first time I'd ever added a clit vibrator into the mix. Holy shit. This is really not for the faint of heart.

I don't think I need to tell you guys how much Rye loves a reverse view of his wife, so that is clearly a big plus. The combination of knowing how much he was enjoying himself, seeing his little feet twitch, feeling his warm hands knead into the meat of my ass, the intense vibration on my clit and the way that his dick is aligned perfectly to nudge my g-spot in the most Zeus-is-here-are-you-ready-bitch way ever from that angle made me scream and double over with pleasure in minutes flat. You heard me ladies, MINUTES. FLAT. Nevermind the fact that his favorite view, favorite sound (me coming) and a LITERALLY vibrating pussy sliding up and down his boner had him about to blow right in time with me.

I am like a junkie with this position. Constantly seeking out that first high. Please don't get me wrong, I'm thoroughly enjoying the thrill-seeking. I will diligently continue my quest and be sure to report back.

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2.  To unapologetically and cavalierly speak in the third person for a moment, Violet and Rye love Sundays. It's a day of lazy mornings of coffee, shitty movies, breakfast, making out, showering and whatever the fuck else we want. And, as I'm sure you already realize, most of the "whatever the fuck else we want" usually entails a lot of us wanting to fuck. Last Sunday Rye was feeling particularly handsy. As we finished sipping our coffee, we agreed on the plan for the day and Rye sent me off, as he usually does, with a suggestive spanking on my way to the shower. I turned the water on, waiting for the room to steam invitingly, examining my new haircut and my tattoos in the mirror, wondering whether I should get a touch-up this year. A flimsy second before I stepped into the tub, Rye was in the bathroom, his hands on my body in a flash. "Oh, hello."

I had no time to protest: he took my entire weight in his arms, turned me around, pushed the front of me into the windowsill, licked his fingers and put two of them straight inside me. The large window in our bathroom has a clear top and a frosted bottom. So, as I looked down onto the garden below, covered completely in snow, nipples gently brushing against the freezing glass just enough to be unbearably exciting, Rye finger-fucked me to dripping, squishing wetness. When he saw my breath fogging up the window that I lustily rested my forehead against, he reached his other arm, spit-moistened, around to the front of me and rubbed my clit like it owed him money. I came, spasming, collapsing backward into his able grasp, with his mouth on my neck and his pajama-concealed, rock-hard cock resting softly in the small of my back.

"Your face just gave away to anyone watching that you were getting your brains fucked out."

I can't stop thinking about it. It's not fucking. Does it not count for this list? Guess what you guys, I don't fucking care! It was so hot! He is SO good to us, isn't he?

3. When we first started dating, we made the particularly silly mistake (or was it?) of taking separate family trips for about three weeks total in the summer. I went to visit my family, he went on a bizarre East Coast road trip with some of his, culminating with our eventual reunion to spend a week on the beach with some friends. It was a long, lonely three weeks, as only time apart in the first year can feel. Desperate, unbearable and, most of all, PENT UP. We texted each other like teenagers, all day, everyday, non-stop. Once I finally arrived at the airport with my best friend, I could think of very little but his cock inside me. We had to spend the night at his grandmother's on our way to the beach. By some unbelievable, benevolent bit of happenstance, we got our own bedroom. This bedroom had a sprawling king bed, a white, hand-crocheted comforter and just so happened to share a wall with his grandmother's bedroom.

Once we finally said goodnight and tucked ourselves away, I could hardly contain myself. The second we snuggled ourselves down under the icy cool sheets (why are Grandma's houses always so cold?), I removed my pajamas at near-Olympic speeds and was on top of Rye in a moment. I think he was a little startled, a little unsure, but there was no way I was backing down. He's had a lot of time to get used to that feeling.

I can say with rather serious certainty that I have rarely ridden a cock with that much vigor. I grabbed onto the headboard with white knuckles, body hovering above him and greedily, forcefully, pushed my hips up, down, up, down until the friction finally overtook us both. I came so hard that my arms gave out a bit, and I collapsed, clit still writhing against him, burying my mouth and nose in the nook between his neck and shoulder that I now call home. It is my greatest hope that the shouts of that orgasm were stifled by his skin, because that night I came harder than I ever had. (I do believe that record has since been overtaken by our man, but this was momentous.)

That's right, bitches. Getting fucked at Nana's! Happy new year!


  1. Violet, quite a nice change hearing from the woman's perspective! Love how much detail you remember... new pic request - something sexy involving the tattoos!!!

  2. Thanks for saying so, Chris! And sorry, but the tattoos we have are pretty rare and easily identifiable, so you won't be seeing them on here anytime soon. Though we DO love a request. What else you got?


  3. How about a sexy TEMPORARY tattoo? My vote is for a bulls-eye target on Vi's lower back.

  4. Temporary, eh? As people with real tattoos, I gotta say the idea of doing a shoot with temps seems a little sad. Though I would be opposed to drawing a bulls-eye on that ass of V's and letting her have it.