What was your first sexual experience together? Both sides tell!

Rye: The very first, eh? I'd have to say, the first sexual encounter we had involved some roaming fingers. At V's place, in the aftermath, or maybe even the middle, of a party, we split off into her room. Which had some mighty thin walls. We proceeded to make out, brutally. It was a long time coming between us and we were EAGER. As we pushed hard into one another, my hands were all over her fine ass body. They eventually moved their way from her massive, beautiful tits down to that trim, tight little pussy. In what couldn't have been more than a minute later, she was on cloud nine. Seriously. This girl orgasmed within about 60-90 seconds. HARD. And LOUD. So hard, loud and quick that I thought for the longest time that she'd faked it. But not so, according to the lovely V.

We cut it short there and returned to the dwindled party. Where we got some SERIOUS looks. And in the morning, plenty of questions from friends.

Violet: Look. I know what you're thinking. But, sometimes I get a little over-excited. Rye and I had what basically amounts to three years of foreplay before I ever got to put my mouth on his body, so I was ready. Not to mention the fact that a few nights before this encounter we'd spent an unfairly long night together in my bed, just being friends. Having a sleep over. Both staring at the ceiling wondering if we should roll over and make our intentions known. I have loved him for even longer than I think he realizes.

*Not us. Her tits are a bit smaller. Though the slamming body is pretty accurate.

Fueled by more than a little to drink, I'd finally had enough. There were enough people in my apartment at the time that I figured we'd go unnoticed if we slipped away. I dragged Rye into my bedroom, probably mumbling something about showing him something on YouTube (guys, I was desperate) and kissed the living shit out of him.

We were both being cautious with each other. Both having been recently burned romantically and not wanting to jump into anything too quickly. But the second I felt his hands on me, I lost myself. Falling clumsily down onto the bed, I'm sure I gave more than my fair share of signals that I was willing to go anywhere he wanted to go that night. He made a move for the button on my jeans and I didn't try to stop him. It was almost embarrassing how wet I was. I felt myself start to lose control and probably could have reigned it in, but to be perfectly honest, I sort of wanted to let the big guy know what he was in for. I let rip an orgasm completely inappropriate for the volume of the party one room away. I think it startled him. Needless to say, he's gotten used to those.


  1. Delicious! And since this was just your first sexual experience and not your first time actually fucking, I feel like you should share that now... :) I'm just saying!

    Wet as usual!

  2. Oh, and I forgot to add that I fucking LOVE that second picture. And as we all know, it would be even hotter if it were of you two lovely fuckers, but I am not complaining. That is a deliciously delightful photo. Mmmm mmm mmm.


  3. Well then, we may just have to cave to this request of yours. We'll jog the memory for that first fucking and see what comes. Pun intended.