Three That Stand Out: An Amendment by Rye.

While we recently published our Top Three lists (sexual experiences with each other) recently, I felt it only fair that I should update this accordingly. As you may recall, my list was largely consisting of the very early days of Violet + Rye. This was for a few reasons. One, I have a pretty shoddy memory. And two, those early days were really good. But that might make one assume the present isn't so much.

This couldn't be further from the truth.

Witness, if you will, the events of a few nights back. Prior to a very full long weekend, Violet and I decide to spend a night in, dinner, drinks, nothing on the books. And LOTS of fucking. To be more specific, ass fucking. The following is the text exchange we had while at work:

R: I might need a favor from you this evening.
V: Oh really?
R: Any guesses?
V: There are a lot of options.
R: I imagine you could get close.
V: I would guess it has to do with your new toy.
R: How would you feel if you came home and found me bent over the bed? Would you be able to fuck my ass like the filthy slut you are?
V: Oh I see. I could probably facilitate that.
R: And then I'd have to return the favor.
V: I'm always game.

Sound hot? It was.

However, Violet beat me home, so there was no me bent over the bed, waiting for her. And after making drinks and settling in, we got a call from a sibling that was getting out of the ER, having suffered a minor injury. So of course he came over, we coddled him with drinks, took him to dinner and hung for a while.

We assumed that might have been it for the anal fuck session we'd cooked up that evening. However, dinner ended, we braced the numbing cold and stumbled inside, only 10 or so at this point. It was ON.

Violet pulled out our new leather strap-on, plugged her slippery cunt with the We-Vibe, and snapped the black dildo into place. She pushed me down over the end of the bed and told me to spread my ass. Who was I to refuse orders?

She slid into me, working it in, out, back in. Slowly, steadily, until I pulled her in deep. She ground into me, pushing her pubic bone hard against my ass, shoving the dildo all the way in and putting pressure on the clit end of the vibe. The waves of vibration charged out from hr g-spot, to the clit, down the length of the dildo, past my perineum, into my tight asshole and down onto my prostate. It was heavenly.

As the vibration filled me whole, Violet was perched behind me, her hand on the small of my back, grinning with pleasure as she fucked me like her slut. It wasn't long before the power position, the forceful thrusting and the vibration took control of Violet. She bucked hard and fell into wild throes of orgasm. The whole thing was so bizarre.


She pulled out and rolled onto the bed, her legs like those of a fawn, unable to hold her upright. We freed her from the shackles of the strap-on, my finger sliding inside her wet pussy, pressing hard on the g-spot end of her vibe. She couldn't take it. Needed more inside of her.

I lubed up a digit and filled her backdoor with a stiff finger. She braced, purred, and pushed out and sucked me inside her ass. Reaching for a new toy, one to fill her cunt and put pressure on that swollen g-spot, I dug in deeper. V was sunk deeper into the bed.

V: "You can have my ass if you want it."

I'm not one to hesitate. In I went. Slow, of course, it's been a while. It wasn't long before she was pulling me in, balls deep. Feeling her puckered, greedy hole suck me further in as she toyed her cunt, both filled totally and completely.

After her second crushing orgasm of the night, Violet flipped over, ass in the air. She pulled out the Hitachi and slid it under her dripping pussy. Setting it on low, she urged me back in, shoving in deep as she leaned hungrily into me.

I continued on, pushing slowly in, pulling slowly out. Gently stimulating the length of her. She gasped in sheer delight at the overwhelming sensations.

Another one struck soon after, quaking out from her core, her hole pulling tight as it tore through her, pulsing outward from deep inside her quivering cunt. I was still on the line. Still careening gently inside her backdoor. My cock throbbing at the sights and sounds of three massive, thunderous Violet cum sessions.

R: "Turn it on high."

Grrr. Violet pounced, flipping the switch over. Her pelvis bucked upward at the surge of intensity. She settled back in, grinding her clit down on the crashing waves of intensity emitting from the magic wand. Her asshole opened, gaping and so wet, begging for a pounding.

I responded like a slut, powering forth and fucking her ass like it was V's sloppy, waiting fuckhole.

R: "I am FULLY fucking your ass right now."

V: "Don't stop. Fuck my ass, baby. I want to feel you fill me up."

What happened next cannot even be described. As Violet rode the pulsating head of her toy, she was hit with another over the top, screaming orgasm. And that's when I finally lost it. I'm not exaggerating when I say this.

We've had great moments in the sack.
Out of the sack.
With my sack in her mouth.

This one trumped all others. It was the single greatest orgasm I've had in my life. It felt as though the tip of my cock was a rocket. It blew off with the forceful surge of cum. I filled V's perfect ass with a record setting load, collapsing on top of her as her twitching pussy and retightened ass retreated into a post-coital coma.

I laid back, pulling out slowly, and spent the next several minutes watching my cum seep gently from her tight little asshole.

If you're wondering why this piece is illustrated with found photos of others, it's because there were no pictures taken that night.

Just us.
And enough orgasms to last weeks.

Or at least a few hours.


  1. I have to agree with Chris!! AMAZING!!!
    I got wet in .0001 seconds!!

  2. As we all know, I love all of you 2s naked pictures. And we have established how wet they make me. But just so you know, your stories...your very detailed, in depth, hot as fuck stories... get me oh so very wet as well. Mmmm just picturing you two hot filthy fuckers doing all you describe... There aren't words. Only a very wet pussy to describe how hot it is :)

    So, thank you. Alot.


  3. Yowza! Thanks for the hot responses, guys! Glad you enjoyed the piece as much as I enjoyed the fucking. And the writing of it. And the jerk off session I all but forced upon myself by doing so.


  4. it is warm in there