The 10 Most Fuckable Songs. Ever.

We now present to you good people ten songs worth fucking to. The list can go on and on, we've fucked to pretty much our entire music catalog. Which is thorough.

These days, it's usually one side of a record that plays, then spins as we forget about everything else and put fingers and hands and cocks and mouths in and on places.

Anyway, there's really no better place to start than with some OutKast. Whenever we don't know what to play, we just push play on their catalog. If it ever gets to the end and we're still fucking, it means two things. One, that we spent a whole day fucking. And two, we should probably start it over.

Violet: WARNING, proceed with extreme caution. Once you listen to this song, you will only want to fuck to it for months. I'm serious. When Rye presented the idea of writing this post to me, I literally could not think of a single thing until the entire track played in my head. I'm talking about HORNS, people. Horns.

Rye: Also, there's a vibe that you plug into your iPod and it pulses with the beat. The first time Violet used it, she played this song. Over. And over.

Violet: I declared this to be my favorite Rolling Stones song the other day. Rye said, "Yeah, of COURSE your favorite Stones song is about fucking." What can I say? Sometimes I'm really, really predictable. And horny. Like when this song is on.

Rye: I believe this song was playing the first time Violet ate my asshole. Or not, it all blended together. But it was something by these fantastic freaks.

Violet: I think you can not speak English and get that this is about fucking.

Rye: When we first started dating, this song came up on Violet's shuffle at a party. I knew then and there that there were no limits with this one.

Violet: I corroborate. Also, keep em educated, so you can bust up on they glasses.

Rye: Keep your heart, three stacks, keep your heart...

Rye: This might not even be the best example of how primal she is. But trust me, PRIMAL.

Violet: This woman's music makes me feel things that are generally reserved for animals in zoos.

Rye: This kid James Blake is new. But fuck if he doesn't make some "let me put the tip in your asshole" music.

Violet: Ladies, if this does not get you wet, you might want to check your pulse.

Rye: Sex. It just OOZES from this man. Seriously, Violet would jump him in a fucking second. Which is fun, because we live quite close to the Mighty Mos.

Violet: Oh, sorry baby. I drooled on the keyboard. Drrooooooolll.

Rye: As Violet said about this particular Common track: "Well, obviously. I mean, this song makes me want to have sex with... things..."

Violet: Yes.

Rye: Were you wondering where Violet's ass got its nickname? Look no further. "Ass so fat, you could see it from the front..."

Violet: This track has gotten my ass to defy gravity on the dance floor a time or two... thousand.


  1. Eek, of Montreal! I love you two kids more and more each post.

  2. I agree to all of them. Especially Mos Def. I would do him. Not sure if he'd do me, though...

  3. First of all, gratulations to this post and the idea. Also you gave to every song a commentar.

    Second, from all songs I know only the second song, the Rolling Stones ".
    I try to look the videos and hear the music, but some let You Tube not play here in Germany.

    But ok, I have think it before, what for music I will like, my real fucking music.....

    I will make it, if I can, in my own post. See what you will means to my kind of fucking music.

    Thanks and many greets to you both from Germany at evening

  4. @Amanda - Aw, thanks! I smell a fellow hipster...

    @Barenaked - Speaking of hipsters...

    @Frez - I didn't even think about the out of country blocks. To hell with that shit! Glad you liked what you could see, at least.


  5. these songs suck. sorry - the content is too obvious. fucking is more about the tempo...my feeling.

  6. Well, you know what they say, "opinions are like assholes..."