How often do you cum in her mouth?

I'd say it's at least a weekly offering. She sucked me down last night. And swallows every drop.

Which is particularly wonderful, given a conversation we had with some other married friends last week, where we mentioned another friend of ours probably never getting head. To which married friends number one responded, "who is?"

UGH. Not gonna happen. Violet loves giving head as much as I do, so it's usually a race down south before I ever slide into her wet cunt or tight asshole.

Ask me anything. Make It Dirty.


  1. Violet must be a wonderful woman. Then for a man it is really beautyful if a woman swallow his cum. And at the other side every man sought his girl with all her juice.

    And I think her juice will be wonderful !

    Nice greets from Cologne in Carneval

  2. Your lucky for sure.
    I have had guys tell me they can't even remember the last time they got a blowjob from their wives.

    As for me... mine goes in streaks.
    Sometimes she wakes me every morning with one for a couple weeks at a time.
    Other times I will not get more than a kick start for sex type blowjob for close to a month.
    Never really know what tomorrow has in store.

  3. @Inferno - I go in phases sometimes too. There are months where it's all I can think of, and months where I can only think of straight up fucking Rye. As long as the cycle is continuous, I think you're okay!

    @Frechundherzlich - I think swallowing is very important. Nice greets!

    - Violet.