Why Wait 'Til You're Home?

While no, we've got no new developments in the public fucking arena, that doesn't mane we haven't been thinking about it. And salivating over shots of perverts abusing one another in broad daylight.

For example:

What a lucky field.
So there's technically nothing risque about this. Except the socks peering over the fucking boots. And how I want to cut off a slice of that ass and serve with some vanilla bourbon ice cream.
Why yes, I WILL push you.
God, I'm such a SLUT for bangs. And a car suckoff.
You look like a bitch. Show me the other tit, though. 
VW: I have your new ad campaign.
She looks like a hot Blossom. You know, orgasming.
I always appreciate when one person is still fully clothed in such a situation.
That old dude is PSYCHED.
Oh, Williamsburg. Is there ever enough coke?
I seriously can't wait for summer.
Violet, please make note. 
It doesn't really get more delicious. Maybe if she had some slab bacon on her lower back...
Got nothing at the grocery store? Check.
Wearing shoes that only porn starts wear? Check.
Telling that aching asshole to shut it? Checkmate.
Remember when I said I can't wait for summer? Now I'm conflicted.
YEAH. Every fantasy from age 13-17, right there.


  1. Have to say one of my more favorite montage you have done Rye - hot and sexy!

  2. I love all these pics... however, the 3 car ones in a row are beyond delightful. :) Thanks for sharing, as usual. You always know how to get a girl hot and bothered...


  3. Guys, I am having a LOVE AFFAIR with pic #2.

    - Violet.