The first time you pegged how did you approach it?

The first time pegging was approached was the first time I realized I wanted it. Because that's how we work. If we decide we've developed a new fetish or have a new fantasy, we bring it up. I've heard of a lot of cases where the woman approaches the man and says she wants to fuck him. But in our case, after exploring rim jobs and prostate toys, I decided I wanted to be fully fucked by Violet.

After mentioning it, the idea seemed to fade a little into memory, but it wasn't long after that we wrote our "hit lists" for each other. Fucking my ass was on both of ours. It was a pretty good indicator that the fantasy was still very much alive.

And then it took a while. Each time we went to Babeland, a strap-on was considered, but then something else was thought to be more important. Finally, one winter weekend, we decided to pull the trigger. And boy are we glad we did.

Not only do I love getting my ass fucked by her, watching her heaving tits swing over me as she thrusts and loses control. But it's made anal with her better as well. Nothing evens the playing field like reciprocation. What can I say, equality is hot.

Ask me anything. Make it dirty.


  1. Rye neglects to mention that my delaying our purchase of a strap-on was entirely purposeful on my part. Because sometimes that boy needs to be made to WAIT. And like it.

    - Violet.

  2. Have you ever tried pegging with rye on top???..The partner I had that done this used to love me being on top.. Said watching my face as I lowered myself on the strap on was fantastic and she could use my cock as a nice playtoy..

  3. Funny you should mention that. During our last pegging adventure, Violet decided she wanted me to start by straddling her. I happily obliged.

    Read about that time here: