The Vaginaiest of the Vaginal.

Hello, tender bits. Today's post marries three things I love very much.

1. The Ripper. Eric Ripert. One of the tastiest slices of French man-meat that has ever landed in the USA.

2. Well... eating. This is a recipe that actually sounds delicious to me and I'm pretty sure I'll endeavor to make sooner rather than later.

3. Pussy.

Uh, right? This is basically the most vaginal thing I've ever seen that's not attached to a woman's body or in a Georgia O'Keefe painting. The most hilarious thing about this is that the Ripper's recipe doesn't say anything about carefully layering folds of smoked salmon carpaccio over the brioche and caviar to FULLY, 100% resemble the tenderest insides of an engorged, willing pussy. This is either the greatest joke any food stylist has ever played on any celebrity chef, or one of the greatest jokes any celebrity chef has ever played on those who are afraid to eat pussy. So really, the best of both worlds.

And really, why not? Why not have a few more edibles that are reminiscent of vaginas? They are tender, sweet, mysterious treasure troves of flavor. I know Rye agrees with this point, but I also know that there are some men out there who are still wary of fully burying their faces in the caverns of their lady-friends. We're certainly comfortable enough with plenty of cock-shaped foods. Just DO it, you guys. You'll like it. Maybe that's why we're all drawn to figs?

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