Tattoos are for Sailors and Prostitutes!

You know what time it is? Tat time.

With the arrival of spring happening ANY DAY NOW, NEW YORK, this means tattoos will become much more visible on the city's slutty young masses.

In other words, shit gets GOOD.

What do you say, ladies? Time to shed those winter coats? You know you've been waiting for it. Overcompensate for us, will you?

True that.

Holga. Large rims.Well placed tats. It's like a hipster guidebook.

I just love stockings that defeat the point of wearing stockings. Sexual.

And they just thought it was girls night with the cupcakes and the Swiss Miss. Oh, how wrong that slut was.

Mmm, bodysuit. Despite your pointlessness, I still boner up over this view.

I'm gonna go with milk, but it might be...

Like some sort of alternate reality Mandy Moore we have here.

Ok, honestly? That's too much. But in the best possible way.

It's true! She does! Also, ironic beer.

I'll tell it to you straight, the girl with the mouth agape? There's something in one of her holes.

Check minus for the fucking sparrow tat. Check plus for the tits.

I love suspenders. Did we know that?

At least she didn't make it obvious and write "March" below the chest tat.

I'd like to be knuckles deep in that brass.

Oh, leopard print... This is gonna be trouble for Violet.

Is this some sort of dream? Where am I? Amazeballs-land, that's where.


  1. Oh, some tattoos I find really erotical and yes I like art of tattoos. By myself I have not one but I would like it.

    And I think some tattoos give the erotical touch ! Or what do you think ?

    Nice greets from Germany

  2. Damn!!! I have to admit, I am even more of fan of a tattoo that is placed perfectly on a woman then a foot guy! The stocking chick I would marry now!

  3. I love tattoos! I know from personal experience, they are ridiculously addictive... and I love seeing them on other people!! And yes, the all over leg tattoos may be a bit much, but i still think it is pretty hot!! But I think you were dead-on with all of those pictures... hot hot hot! High five :)


  4. I'd love to get a tat, but I'm too chickenshit to get one... Maybe one day, when I've got some Dutch courage in me. I had a henna one done last summer and everybody loved it, but sadly it dissapeared.

    By the way, that Mandy Moore lookalike is smoking hot...

  5. Gotta love all the tat love coming from you guys! V and I are fans, obviously, and work hard to hide what we've got. Which will only get more difficult as we accrue more of them in the coming year. We're already discussing next designs. Because, as Eve rightly pointed out, addictive as hell.

    And Barenaked, just do it. It's not so bad. Just plan that shit first and make sure it's something you really like.